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Investors Master Plan

New Active Kinetic generator demonstration

These are the reactions from people that have seen and tested the Active Kinetic generator shown at Reset Connect the renewable and sustainability event in London Excel.

The devices were worn all day displaying the availability of free electricity from the bodies natural kinetic movement. The same devices have been used to demonstrate various other technology, such as dogs safety lights, renewable energy from the movement of shopping carts.

we would like to thank everyone who took part in testing and offering your valuable suggestions for other uses for the technology which included powering freight tracking systems, cableless robotics, etc.

Investors Master Plan

Animals generate electricity

Dog walker visibility

An estimated 1.2 million dog fatalities occur on the roads each year. Pet visibility is a safety concern for dogs and owners, reflective and lighting on clothing has saved many lives.

Unfortunately, recharging, battery life and disposal remains a major issue for users.

The Active kinetic generator recharges from the dogs natural movement. Not needing to recharge is a major user convenience and replaces the need for a battery in Dog visibility harnesses.

The lighting generated from walking provides visibility to vehicles such as scooters, bicycles and motor vehicles. The lights provide safety to both the dog and pedestrian often at risk of collision at night.

Recharging is a common issue for dog safety lights. Lighting powered by an active kinetic generator simply generates electricity from movement. Subtle walking movements provides energy to generate instant light or harvests the electrical energy in storage for later use. Stored energy could provide energy for lighting, vibrating collar training, location detection or a variety of devices.

The technology displays a major advance in modern history, where humans have access to regenerative energy and an instant energy supply.

The energy supply can be used by a variety of devices to assist with 24 hour animal tracking, especially nocturnal animals hosting miniature generators.

There are many new avenues to explore. Regenerating natural habitats to be equipped for kinetic energy harvesting adds a valuable mix of renewables. This free energy will soon become available everywhere and should improve life for animals too.