New Bicycle Generator Technology

Electric Bikes

The technology is ideal for electric bikes as the energy is generated by the natural movement of the bike operating independently from the bikes battery. Conserves wasted energy, reduces additional energy loss to generate free electricity extending the range of the battery.

About the technology

The active kinetic generator weighs less than 100 grams which is considerably lighter than most components hosted on a bicycle such as a traditional dynamo.

Is it dynamo technology

Unlike a dynamo, active kinetic generators operate using pulse impacts of kinetic energy to convert to electricity. Traditional bicycle dynamos use mechanical energy generated by the rider’s pedalling motion, into electrical energy. The mechanical energy consumed compromises the riders labour by impeding the cycle of the wheels creating more work.

The energy gained from an active kinetic generator depends on the terrain, however, most bicycle journeys will generate more than enough electricity.

Uses for electricity generated

The generated electricity can instantly power various accessories, such as front and rear lights, turn signals.

Excess energy can be stored in batteries could recharge an electric bike, power USB charging ports for smartphones and other devices.

The generated electricity can instantly power various accessories, such as front and rear lights, turn signals. Excess energy can be stored in batteries could recharge an electric bike, power USB charging ports for smartphones and other devices.

The integration of energy harvesting technology with bicycles has long been a fascinating avenue for innovation, offering the promise of self-sustaining power for a variety of applications. While traditional dynamos have played a crucial role in generating energy from mechanical movement, a new contender has entered the scene – the Active Kinetic 1 generator. This generator leverages the concept of pulse impact kinetic energy harvesting, potentially revolutionizing the way we power our bicycles and devices on the go.

Lightweight Energy Source

A defining characteristic of the Active Kinetic 1 generator is its remarkable lightweight construction, tipping the scales at less than 100 grams. This streamlined design marks a departure from the bulky frames of traditional dynamos, contributing to enhanced agility and reducing overall bicycle weight. What sets the Active Kinetic 1 apart is its unique energy source: natural pulse impact motion. Traditional dynamos require consistent mechanical contact with the bicycle’s wheels to generate energy. In contrast, the Active Kinetic 1 captures the rider’s inherent impacts of cycling motion, extracting energy from the rhythmic pedal strokes, thus making the most of every movement.

Bicycle Impact Kinetic Energy

Active Kinetic 1’s energy harvesting prowess hinges on its adaptability to diverse terrains and cycling conditions. Even on a flat terrain, this innovative generator can harness between 1 to 6 volts of energy, converting impact motion into a continuous and sustainable power supply. As the rider pedals, the generator seamlessly captures kinetic energy, converting it into usable electricity. This impact energy harvesting concept not only enhances overall energy efficiency but also opens doors for a host of other applications beyond bicycle lighting.

Optimized Energy Utilization

One of the most compelling aspects of the Active Kinetic 1 generator is its ability to harness excess energy. During daylight hours when lighting demands are reduced, the surplus energy generated can be seamlessly diverted to charge onboard batteries or power electronic devices. This dynamic energy management system ensures a well-utilized energy cycle, preventing wastage and maximizing the generator’s potential.

Elevating Electric Bicycles

The implications of the Active Kinetic 1 generator extend beyond traditional bicycles, potentially reshaping the landscape of electric bicycles (e-bikes). E-bikes have gained popularity for their assisted propulsion, enhancing riders’ capabilities and range. Incorporating the Active Kinetic 1 generator into e-bikes could result in a more efficient hybrid system. Kinetic energy harvesting could complement the electric consumption, extending the e-bike’s range by recharging the battery during rides. This innovation could lead to e-bikes with enhanced autonomy, reduced reliance on external charging, and a more sustainable riding experience.

Environmental and Economic Impacts

The transition from traditional dynamos to the Active Kinetic 1 generator carries significant environmental implications. Unlike traditional dynamos that rely on mechanical friction, the Active Kinetic 1 harnesses the inherent energy of human motion, minimizing wear and tear and reducing energy loss. This shift towards more efficient energy conversion contributes to a reduced ecological footprint and aligns with sustainable energy practices.

From an economic perspective, the Active Kinetic 1 generator offers a multifaceted advantage. Its lightweight design not only improves riding experience but also reduces manufacturing and transportation costs. Additionally, the generator’s potential to offset battery charging needs could lead to long-term cost savings for users.


The evolution of energy harvesting technology has given rise to the Active Kinetic 1 generator, a pioneering device that transforms natural impacy motion into a renewable and self-sustaining power source. With its lightweight construction, efficient energy conversion, and innovative storage capabilities, the Active Kinetic 1 marks a significant leap forward in bicycle-powered energy solutions. As it finds its place within traditional bicycles and electric bicycles alike, this generator not only enhances riding efficiency but also contributes to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for transportation and energy consumption.