Whats new about this technology?

How does it work?

The device operates using kinetic motion to generate electricity.

Unlike a traditional generator Active kinetic generators are able to harness pulsatile and mechanical kinetic energy. This means virtually any movement can be used to capture and convert electricity

The system uses lower activation energy than a motor. Reduced mechanical impedance to be more coefficient than an alternating motor.


People react in disbelief

A small amount of kinetic force hits the device causing the prototype to start generating electricity.

In the early examples two led lights operate as a simple power indicator, often lit for well over 20 seconds during low energy tests.

The device operates concealed in a box to protect the design.

Animate alternating current vs motion-energy

Below the reaction videos of people seeing a PROTOTYPE of the new motion energy technology...

All participants were asked to give an honest scientific opinion if they believed the technology worked and if so how?

Patent pending, hence we are protecting the design, the machine is concealed in a box.