We are selling our shares to raise funds!

Shares £1 each

You get £1.25 for each £1 you invest – based on our carbon credit value. (+30% tax free)

A genuine opportunity to profit while supporting a new green free electricity resource.

Share Evaluation

Based on carbon credits our company share value should be approximately £1.25

The Math:

Formula: £62.10 / £45.00 = £1.25 for each £1 spent or 27.54% increased value !

(45/62.10 x 100 = 72.46%) Saving: 27.54%


Enterprise Investment Scheme allows any investor to claim 30% tax relief on investments.

How many shares are available?

A share split created in November 2023 of 50’000’000 this sale is capped at 2’500’000 shares.

Active Kinetic 1 is owned by Extratex Ltd (see 50m share split).