Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is free energy. Oceanic Wave Energy for example provides free energy.

Solar, Wind, Sea & Oceanic movement are amongst the most common forms of naturally occurring sources of renewable energy.

Renewable energy provides a naturally, replenished source of energy that Active Kinetic generators convert into electricity.

What is a Renewable?

To be considered as a renewable energy, the source must be sustainable for many lifetimes, reusable and one that cannot be depleted.

For example vehicle wind energy is man made so not a natural renewable energy but it is a conservational renewable energy source.

Is Active Kinetic 1 a new renewable technology?

Yes. Active Kinetic 1 is new technology capable of harvesting vast amounts of renewable energy and transforming it into electricity.

Due to the energy conservation capabilities of active kinetic generators the technology can be also used to reduce energy loss in fossil fuel and nuclear systems or generate electricity wasted by fossil fuel or nuclear systems providing kinetic renewable energy.


Measuring space capacity to energy, Active Kinetic 1 energy capacity achieves higher results than solar and wind turbines in generating electricity. In some scenarios the motion energy mechanisms are the only format to efficiently extract kinetic energy that we have currently available. Increase energy security by diversifying the energy mix and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, imported energy and limiting to solar or wind.


Kinetic energy is the most abundant force available on the planet Earth, it is available untapped with 24 hrs a day uptime.

Scientists describe a type 1 civilisation as one with access to 100% clean renewable energy in abundance.

Often different times of day habitually produce climatic conditions that deliver huge amounts of kinetic energy. By using sector coupling the events can be merged to produce more energy than we need worldwide.


The Sun, Wind, Hydro and Oceanic are a few reliable forces Active Kinetic 1 can rely on to harvest most renewable energy.

However, emerging systems such as Geothermal, Fusion, Fission, and neutrino harvesting could also use this technology within scope of future decades.