What is a generator?

An electrical generator is a device used to provide electrical power. The electricity from the generator is either (AC) alternating current or (DC) direct current.

Active Kinetic 1 has two types of new kinetic generator: Active kinetic generators and Motion energy generators and both can operate batteryless.

Active kinetic generator

The active kinetic generator operates from any movement. The kinetic and vibrational momentum of the mechanism generates induction. Unlike a motor there is no rotary mechanism.

What current is produced by an active kinetic generator?

Active kinetic generators produce an alternating current or complex alternating currents.

Kinetic generator

Nearly all electricity, (about 98%) comes from kinetic energy, however, motion energy technology does this without the use of a motor. The extremely low fractional and reduced mechanical impedance provide the motion energy mechanism superior abilities. Energy can be harvested from very little energy input and even stored.

Most common generators.

These are motor devices that include:

  • Portable generators powered by petrol or diesel,
  • Inverter generators converting AC to DC to clean AC,
  • Induction generators work by speed dependancy as such wind turbines when windy.
  • Industrial generators powered by steam.

Active kinetic motion energy generator

The generator operates by frictionless oscillation. The motion energy generator also does not use rotary like a motor style generator. Movement provides kinetic energy powering the motion energy mechanism. The oscillation generates electricity from induction within the active kinetic motion energy generator.

Motion Energy: U.S.A Energy Information Administration

Solar Generators

Solar energy provides about 2% of worldwide energy. It conserves the suns heat or light often in photovoltaic materials to generate electricity from the sun and others store solar thermal energy. Solar panel generators need batteries to store the energy absorbed over time.It is important to note that solar power generators cannot provide instant power, unless charged.