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Scepticism in new technology is a hinderance. Please spread the word that you support this clean and green energy solution.

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Slow progress in believers for technology such as the internet, crypto or 5G seems to slow human progress, help us by spreading the word about motion energy. The technology is new to the world of science and like when the internet was first invented people just can’t see the applications.

A new energy technology will advance the world you live in and bring much needed new technology to your industry, homes and families. Please share the knowledge and suggest any ideas for using the technology.

Anything we can do to improve the fragile state of the world we share is good news for economy and the environment. Help us to develop awareness about our world changing technology.

FUNDING: You will be helping to bring faster awareness and progress to a technology that can assist to resolve the energy crisis & helps reduce the human affects of global warming.

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