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Hello, and thank you for stopping by! Your support will provide a clean energy technology that will improve the future for everyone !

Forget dirty coal, oil and gas, eye-watering energy bills and disposable batteries that linger in landfills. Active Kinetic 1 is clean, efficient, low-cost, energy solution with zero-carbon emissions.

By using the constant movement from Ocean waveswindvehicles, and humans we can produce clean electricity !

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Scepticism in new technology is a hinderance. Please spread the word that you support this clean and green energy solution.

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A new energy technology will advance the world you live in and bring much needed new clean electricity to power technology in your industry, homes and for your families. Please share the knowledge and suggest any ideas for using the technology.

Anything we can do to improve the fragile state of the world we share is good news for economy and the environment. Help us to develop awareness about this world changing technology.

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Why We Need Your Support

To get this tech from the workshop to the real world is no small task. Your support will help us achieve the challenges ahead: •Finalise the latest prototype. •Scale up. •Conduct extensive field tests. •Start mass production. Your donation will help us achieve these critical milestones. 

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Every donation brings us closer to a brighter, safer future. It will boost a green economy and create many exciting new jobs.

Donate by Recycling ♻️ Unwanted items

Your recycled items result in funds to support the technology.

Recycle Collection ♻️ are a partner company that accept physical donations in property such as; Clothing, Equipment, some furniture, some household items and appliances in particular; Computer hardware, Washing machines, Microwaves, dishwashers and almost any metal items.

FUNDING: You will be helping to bring faster awareness and progress to a technology that can assist to resolve the energy crisis & helps reduce the human affects causing global climate changes and bring about a sustainable future.

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Slow progress; help us by spreading the word about the motion energy technology. The technology is new to the world of science and like when the internet was first invented many people just didn’t understand the vast applications.