Free Electricity

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Is electricity free?

Yes, renewables convert free energy into free electricity. Oceanic Wave Energy is a great example!

How is electricity free?

Natural sources such as sunlight, wind and oceanic wave energy are constantly replenished and free.  Active Kinetic 1 technology uses these energy sources, specifically wind and waves, to convert their motion (kinetic energy) into electricity that is free.

How’s Active Kinetic 1 Free?

Active Kinetic 1 is a Carbon-Free electricity technology, capable of generating free electricity from renewable energy. Combing renewable energy such as solarwind & sea wavesUsing any available kinetic energy source naturally occurring to generate free electricity. 

Active Kinetic 1 is durable technology that could span several lifetimes inherently enabling future generations access to clean free electricity.

Is there ever a cost for the technology ?

Yes. Manufacturing from new materials has a cost but secures a long lifespan. Also converting energy from an artificial kinetic energy source such as Nuclear, Hydrocarbons or bio-fuels comes at a cost.

Is the technology free?

Active Kinetic 1 technology can be manufactured from recycled waste materials reclaimed from existing technology.  As it uses free electricity to recycle and manufacture itself, only work time can be accounted.


Free Vehicle Energy 🚚
Free wave Energy 🌊
Free Human Energy 🚶

Free Electricity Generator

Active Kinetic 1, a new method to generate clean free electricity from movement such as Vehicle motion, wind, Sea waves and even Human activity.

Harvest energy from movement using a new low frictional mechanism.


The durability of the technology would span several lifetimes. Future generations will inherit the technology at no cost and still have access to free electricity. Additionally the electricity created over the lifetime of the product would payback in electrical work and reduce global impact caused by creating the technology.

Explain energy technology?

Induction is the most successful method to access electricity used by science for well over 200 years. Oscillation induction simplifies the electromagnetic process by combining pendulum motion with induction, hence the ability to conserve and access mechanical energy becomes easier.

How to get free electricity?

Vehicle wind and Sea wave movement are among the best methods to generate free electricity. Additionally conserving Human and Animalia movement provide lots of kinetic energy for generating electricity.

Using motion energy technology provides an efficient method to convert electricity from kinetic movement anywhere in the universe. The combined force of this technology with solar provides a path to completely free electricity.

Why is this disruptive?

Technology that unlocks access to endless untapped kinetic energy Vehicle wind and Sea wave movement. This technology is capable of harvesting energy extremely efficiently from a kinetic force to generate electricity and can be combined with solar. 

What makes this technology different

This hybrid tech operates efficiently and accesses several renewable energy sources to generate electricity.

Prototypes display methods for energy conservation and energy storage that could improve current technology.

What are the impacts?

Materials are 100% recyclables, so less environmental impact. Over 90% of the materials can be sourced anywhere in the universe.

More clean energy: Most competitive energy technology with many versatile methods to generate electricity: Solar, Wind, Sea, Nuclear & even Fossil fuels.

The energy technology can assist to enhance any power facility by providing self powered batteryless kinetic sensors. Attached to vibrating components such as pumps, motors, cooling systems and turbines will provide data for improving safety and maintenance of the system and is excellent for AI applications to respond alerts.

Does it work?

The innovation has led to various working prototype technologies which use kinetic forces to harness electric power easily and reduce costs significantly.


Advantages of Active Kinetic 1 Technology

Kinetic energy harvesting offers several advantages as an alternative energy source.

Active Kinetic 1 innovative technologies are extremely efficient in converting kinetic energy harvested and the conservation of energy to generate electricity.

Here are the main benefits:

Renewable and Sustainable: Kinetic energy is abundant and constantly replenished in our environment. Vehicles are always in motion, wind is always blowing, and ocean waves are continuously moving. This means that active kinetic generators can provide a consistent and sustainable source of electricity without depleting finite resources. The constant supply of energy in some kinetic technologies will not need energy storage.

Energy Efficiency: Active Kinetic 1 technology can capture energy that would otherwise go unused or wasted. By converting this energy into electricity, it increases overall energy efficiency and reduces the need for traditional power sources. This can lead to significant energy savings and a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

Cost Savings: Once the initial infrastructure is set up, active kinetic generators will reduce energy costs. The potential lifespan of the products far outweighs the manufacture cost, reducing obsolescence and providing long term free electricity. For example, in the case of vehicle movement, the energy generated by the vehicles can be harnessed to power streetlights or other roadside electronics, reducing the reliance on grid electricity and lowering operating costs might be considered as priceless.

Scalability and Versatility: Active Kinetic 1 harvesting technology can be implemented on various scales, ranging from small-scale wearable devices to large-scale infrastructure projects. It can be integrated into a wide range of applications, such as smart cities, transportation systems, and remote sensing technologies. This versatility allows for the harvesting of energy from different sources, making it adaptable to diverse environments.

Now, let’s explore how movement can generate free electricity from vehicle movement, wind, or sea:

    1. Vehicle Movement: This energy can be used to power streetlights, traffic signals, or even charge electric vehicles. When a vehicle is in motion, it possesses kinetic energy. This energy can be captured through various means, such as
        • conservation from vehicle motion systems

        • road surface energy harvesters.

    1. Ocean Energy: The movement of ocean waves and tides holds vast amounts of kinetic energy that can be harvested. Wave energy converters capture the energy from the up-and-down motion of ocean waves, while tidal motion harnesses the energy from the flow of tides. Both technologies convert the mechanical energy into electricity using various active kinetic mechanisms, such as oscillating water columns or underwater devices. These systems can generate clean, renewable and free electricity from the perpetual motion of the sea.

In all these cases, the key idea is to utilize the inherent motion of vehicles, wind, or oceanic movements and transform it into usable electrical energy through Active Kinetic 1 specialised technologies, thus providing a source of free electricity that takes advantage of existing natural resources.

How is this Free?

Renewable energy is caused the by effects from the Sun & Moon on the Earth. These energy sources come close to perpetual energy, as they will continue for billions of years and they will produce more kinetic energy than we need.

The world already uses this Free energy, but it is still virtually untouched due to limitation in current technologies. Active Kinetic 1’s emerging technology solves access to energy such as oceanic, solar and wind power.

Active Kinetic 1 has invented a new Low Cost CleanTech that accesses untapped energy for creating electricity, its scalable, low risk, low cost, offering a new valuable and renewable source of electricity.

A major leap towards a type 1 civilization.

A new energy technology can overcome current obstacles and provides new applications!

Is electricity free?

Yes, for example lightening is free electricity. Perpetual resources such as ocean waves and wind provide more energy than we need. Oceanic energy is the most reliable and abundent form of kinetic energy that can be converted into electricity. than we need, deploying long-lasting technology insures that we can generate free electricity. The cost to maintain this technology could be recouped from the capability to achieve work such as the production of Hydrogen or Carbon capture.

Where is free energy ?

Any kinetic movement can provide free energy. When an investment such as solar panels or turbines have paid back the initial cost, the remaining energy produced can be considered as Free renewable electricity. Active Kinetic 1 has proven some prototypes can provide mobile power cost effective sustainable electricity across the globe and beyond.


Why are the costs increasing?

Fossil Fuels are depleting, Cost of Renewable energy is increasing to manufacture, from installation, to energy storage, maintenance and transporting power all a major cost.

Why is Active Kinetic 1 different?

Active Kinetic 1 simply generates electricity without a traditional motor and can be made into a hybrid intelligent energy technology.

It offers a low cost solution. Simple, scalable and extends beyond current energy technology.

It is rapidly becoming obvious that the costs to distribute electricity equal or outweigh electricity production cost!

Although fossil fuels stations, Wind turbines and solar farms collectively operate to achieve power the intelligence for these systems mainly operate to collect performance data.

Active Kinetic 1 is intelligent energy.

Free electricity:

To achieve free energy status where surplus electricity is always available, we must augment technology such as Active Kinetic 1. The CleanTech solution will assist reducing the worldly expensive of centralised energy creation systems based around fossil fuels. The ability to distribute our systems was a key feature when designing Active Kinetic 1 CleanTech which has the ability to create endless pockets of surplus power from a variety of energy systems.

The term free electricity will become more common as more sustainable forms of energy are utilised efficiently. We already use the term surplus energy which is nearly always produced to ensure enough electricity is available during user power spikes due to demand. Free electricity will be a combined accomplishment for civilisation and various distributed power sources will be needed to pave the way.

Active Kinetic 1 technology provides an excellent solution to use energy where it is currently wasted energy and uses CleanTech to convert into clean green electricity using a CO2 free process.

To find out more about the developing and innovative Active Kinetic 1 technology please contact us.

Electricity for free

The renewable energy from wind and the sea provide a free energy resource providing kinetic or movement, Active kinetic generators offer a low-cost solution that converts and conserves kinetic energy to generate carbon-free electricity.

How to free electricity?

Utilising renewable technology, such as Active Kinetic 1 will help to free kinetic electricity from sea waves and wind.

Whats the next step?

We need your support and attention to gain investment.

Active Kinetic 1 are located in United Kingdom, where the governments ambitions are to transform the United Kingdom’s richly endowed energy resources into a Superpower Energy provider, a good reason to investment in our project infrastructures, however any donations would help us innovate and develop further.

Return On Investment is transparent, converting from cost into profitable investment.

Animate alternating energy v motion energy


Harvest energy from kinetic motion without a motor.

World impacting technology unlocks new era:

Harvesting human energy

Oceanic & Earth bound renewables.

Become Type 1 Civilization

IoT/Web 3.0, A.I. energy.

Interplanetary energy solutions,

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