Oscillation Induction

What is oscillating induction?

Active Kinetic 1’s new method utilising a pendulum style generator. These devices make it easier to capture natural kinetic energy efficiently converting movement into electrical energy.

What is Induction by Oscillation?

A new method of induction that encompasses the oscillation of a magnetic source suspended by a double pendulum. The pendulum momentum of the magnetic source drives electromagnetic induction when passing through the conductive coil.

How does it work?

Any kinetic force applied to the mechanism which causes internal motion in the form of oscillation.

When was Oscillation Induction Invented?

Created in the early 2020’s, Oscillation induction is exclusive to Active Kinetic 1 technology and opens a new pathway to harvest and generate electricity.

Why is it an important discovery to science?

Oscillating induction provides several major advantages over the conventional rotary method to generate electricity.

Active Kinetic 1 is an oscillation induction energy technology that uses various forces to induce oscillation for the harvesting of energy. Its discovery marks the cornerstone to a vast array of new energy harvesting technologies so far unexplored by science.

Oscillating pendulum momentum

An unbalanced force displaces the pendulum mass. Momentum will continue to oscillate the displaced mass until the pendulum’s restoring force rebalances gravitational equilibrium. During this process the electromotive force is used to generate electricity from electromagnetism.

Magnet coupled pendulums oscillate due to the unbalanced equilibrium of the perpendicular, magnetic fields. Any kinetic movement will provoke oscillation, the broken equilibrium causes oscillation of the pendulums until the magnetic fields are perfectly realigned.

In this instance the external movement of a magnet field is being applied to force the pendulum magnets to move out of equilibrium.