The science of generating electricity?

  1. The science of generating electricity from motion energy offers new possibilities.
  2. About 98% of electricity is provided by a single kinetic method the motor generator, the other 2% from Solar and thermal energy.

Science of Motion, Electromotive and Electromagnetic Force:

Electromotive force is the energy per unit charge supplied by the device to maintain an electric current, while electromagnetism is the physical phenomenon that takes place from the interaction of electrically charged components from motion energy.

Animate alternating current vs motion-energy

Force, Mass, Acceleration

Voltage, Current, Ohms

Electrical energy, formula triangle
Kinetic energy, triangle
Gravitational potential energy triangle

Complete Force Calculation triangle

Motion formulas triangle

Complete Ohms Calculation triangle

Complete electric formulas, triangle illusion

Explore the differences and similarities of kinetic and motion to interpret more understanding of the topics.