Wind Energy

Why use wind power?

Wind provides a valuable source of renewable energy.

Why are there not more wind turbine farms?

Wind turbines have various issues that are extremely challenging and not easy to avoid:

United Kingdom:

Cost of Wind turbines: In the United Kingdom Wind turbine technology is still more expensive than fossil fuels, although the cost of the technology is decreasing and improving. Building and maintaining wind turbine farms in the UK is currently more expensive than other forms of energy production. Wind farms are expensive to install and operate, meaning the UK needs large subsidies and taxes to make them viable.

Wind turbines Location: Wind farms are limited by environmental restrictions, such as noise regulations and bird-strike regulations that reduce their efficiency. Wind turbines generate low frequency noise that can be disruptive residents living in close proximity to wind farms. Additionally noise disturbs local wildlife, hence an installation can mean the destruction of wildlife habitats.

Reliability of a Wind turbine: Wind turbines only produce electricity when the wind is above 9 mph, meaning their output is not very reliable and often they need to be supplemented with other forms of electricity supply to make them start rotating.

Visual impact of a Wind turbine: Some people object to the appearance of wind turbines, arguing that they are visually intrusive and can have a negative impact on the landscape.

Wind Energy storage: Storing excess wind energy for use when the wind is not blowing is a challenge and additional expense for wind energy.