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The augmentation of Active Kinetic 1 technology will mark the dawn of a new age

What Is Active Kinetic 1?

Active Kinetic 1 provides a new method to generate electricity.

Oceanic Wave Energy is among the primary methods.

This innovative electromagnetic induction technology provides a new solution to harvest kinetic energy and convert movement into electricity.

By converting kinetic movement into pendulum momentum it is able to conserve energy. This type of Kinetic generator utilises energy from the oscillation motion to produce electricity extremely efficiently.

More efficient than AC rotary generators

Overall Active Kinetic 1’s oscillating electromagnetic induction provides a more efficient method of converting inconsistent movement into electricity. In many circumstances mechanical movement is prohibited, lost or not easily accessible using a traditional rotary generator. For instance, the motion of ocean waves can create oscillations in a pendulum, which can be efficiently converted into clean electrical energy. Similarly, energy lost in various natural kinetic activities, such as human movement or vehicle motion, can be harnessed through Active Kinetic 1 energy technologies, generating electricity from these movements.

More efficient energy conversion

Kinetic energy is often the only available energy source and in circumstances where an alternating motor or even solar is less efficient, Active Kinetic 1 tech can be used for portable electricity. Often providing a more efficient use of space than solar as Active Kinetic 1 motion energy mechanism can operate on sea waves.

Utilising abundant kinetic energy

Naturally occurring kinetic energy is underutilised and is available worldwide. The new technology encompasses highly desirable attributes of a new kinetic energy solution; circular economy, cost-effective, efficient, sustainable and renewable clean energy. The new technology is distributive and scalable with easily distributed assets which improves global energy security.

Oscillating induction

Oscillating induction represents a groundbreaking method to generate electricity by capturing and converting kinetic energy from movement into usable power. It’s an innovative technology designed to harness the motion created by various activities or mechanical devices. This kinetic energy, which might otherwise go unused or wasted, is transformed into electrical energy, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly way to generate power for different applications and industries.

Our Mission

Innovative technology to extend further than current renewables by providing a 24 hour renewable energy supply. Go beyond renewable energy systems by recycling wasted energy, conserving energy and converting clean carbon-free energy.

Our Location

Located in the United Kingdom, Active Kinetic 1 supports in promoting clean energy which is a key goal set out by the country and in accordance with the International Paris Agreement. The UK has already demonstrated huge investments in renewables and has schedules to continue investing in new renewable technology far into the future.


Low Cost

Low cost high power energy solutions

24 Hour Sustainable Energy

Capable of using sustainable renewable energy 24 hrs a day


Less cables and more distributed smart renewable energy

Active Kinetic 1 is actively seeking collaboration and partnerships

Active Kinetic 1 has created innovative technology that has great potential to be world changing

A major solution in the climate crisis and assisting the developing world with more energy

The applications for these technologies are far reaching as some of this technology can assist us far away from planet Earth in providing energy to interplanetary resources and assets where solar is not an option

Newly patented technology

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