Kinetic Electricity

Kinetic Electricity

What is Kinetic Electricity

Electricity converted from movement causing motion energy.

How does Kinetic Electricity work?

By using movement to generate electricity from any kinetic force.

How is this solution different ?

Most kinetic energy is converted from a thermal power station where they heat water to create steam power to drive a motor. The kinetic energy is used to spin the motor and the electricity generated is convert from movement.

How does Active Kinetic 1 work?

Active Kinetic 1 also use kinetic movement to produce electricity. By using an efficient mechanism, different to a motor, it is able to convert kinetic to motion energy and generate electricity.

How is Active Kinetic 1 different?

The machine is unlike a motor. The mechanism has low mechanical impedance enabling Kinetic force to maximise the activation energy. The motion energy provides the driving force for the electrical charge.

The kinetic force kick starts kinematic motion causing interactions in electrodynamic components prompting electron displacement resulting in an electrical charge.

Harvesting untapped energy

Active Kinetic 1 mechanism offers a method to efficiently unlock wind and wave movements to harvest the untapped energy. It does this by using the motion energy devices to capture kinetic movement.