Marine Energy in Oceanic, Sea, Rivers and Lakes

Why use Marine energy?

Marine energy is potentially the most valuable source of renewable energy.

Why is Marine Energy not used?

Technical challenges: Extracting energy from the sea can be technically challenging, as equipment must be able to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Cost: Many forms of marine energy generation, such as wave and tidal power, intail complex development and this entire process can be too expensive to install and maintain.

Environmental impacts: There are concerns about the potential impacts of marine energy generation on the marine environment, including effects on wildlife and habitat destruction.

Intermittency: Many forms of marine energy, such as wave and tidal power, are intermittent and may not be available on a consistent basis. This can make it difficult to integrate into the electricity grid.

Public perception: Some people may be opposed to the development of marine energy projects due to concerns about the visual impact or potential impacts on the local environment.