Active Wave Energy cONVERTER (awec)

Converting movement from water waves into electricity is easily achieved using an Active Kinetic 1 mechanism.

The AWEC is an economic technology that instantly unlocks an untapped renewable resource: wave energy.

It can be utilised in the following environments:

  • Oceanic and Sea waves: Costal regions worldwide can host AWEC technology converting Kilowatts of kinetic energy 24 hours a day.
  • Rivers and Streams: Low impact solution to utilise water streams energising global land based populations.
  • Waste water: Recycle energy from passing waste water systems.
  • Provides access to global clean energy.

Waves Generate Endless Electricity

Wave Energy Harvesting

Harvesting wave energy can provide a plentiful supply of electricity 24 hours a day. Active Kinetic 1 mechanism is a sensitive Electromagnetic induction generator technology capable of harvesting wave energy using electromagnetic induction. The mechanical conversion of Marine wave movement can provide global clean renewable energy for a variety of applications.


Marine waves have high Kinetic energy. Compared to other natural phenomena like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, oceanic waves do carry a vast amount of Kinetic energy due to their sheer size and movement. Waves energy can be more reliable and longer duration than kinetic energy from wind or solar energy.

Kinetic forces: Across ocean landscapes, small waves measuring below 1 meter are significantly more frequent than large waves exceeding 1 meter. Therefore the collective kinetic energy from the motion of all wave sizes would provide more energy.

Active Wave Energy Converters (AWEC) are sensitive to movement, so they are able to capture the energy from small & large waves, overall this captures more kinetic energy to convert into electricity. 

Additionally the AWEC is omnidirectional so waves capture can occur from all wave fluid dynamics.



Endless Energy

The rudimentary model showcases the technology’s ability to tap into the perpetual motion of ocean waves, thereby creating an infinite source of electrical power.


The ocean, known for its continuous wave energy, is harnessed by this remarkably sturdy and motion-responsive technology, making it the inaugural source of electricity that remains perpetually abundant.


This device will tirelessly produce electricity as long as the ocean remains in motion, underscoring its sustainability and self-renewing nature. Although the prototype is rudimentary, it serves as a foundational model that can be expanded upon, leaving no doubt that it will continue to generate electricity as long as the ocean remains dynamic.


Remarkably, this technology is environmentally friendly, with 100% recyclable materials. The key components, a copper coil and a magnet, rarely require replacement. Furthermore, the strings used are crafted from Kevlar, a material ten times stronger than steel.


In terms of power generation, these prototypes yield comparable results to solar panels that occupy a similar surface area.



Large scale Active Kinetic 1 systems offer some distinct advantages over solar and turbine technology:

Constant energy source: Capable of converting energy even from subtle waves movement. 

No thermal loss: unlike solar there is no thermal loss.

Availability: Active Kinetic 1 operates almost 24 hours, because waves are far more reliable than the sun & cloud ratios.

Frigidity: A technology made for high impact motion. Wind turbines and Solar panels often break beyond economic repair.

Land / Sea Ratio: With 71% water surface area on Earth, more than doubles the area of land.

Landscape: Saves  residential and agricultural land, animal habitats and less environmental upheaval.

Demand: 40% of human population live on costal areas.

Repairs: Active Kinetic 1 is easily repairable with 100% circular economy.

Multilayer: The Active Kinetic 1 technology will be stacked in multiple layers tall.


Nevertheless solar could be a complimentary solution used along with this technology safely embedded on top roofing the Active Kinetic 1 systems.


Typically waves are a result of wind. In tidal waters, the effect of the tied and wind in opposing directions create chaotic wave patterns.

Oceanic waves: called deep-water waves or swells generated by the strong winds blowing over long distances in open oceans. 

Gigantic tidal forces of water displacement in our oceans are formed by large-scale combined effects wind, gravity and the Earth’s rotation. 

Tsunami waves are often a result of underwater activity, such as tectonic plate movement, earthquakes or underwater volcanic eruptions.

Typically these large oceanic waves travel long distances and can reach coastlines. As these waves enter shallower coastal waters, they interact with the local winds, coastal structures and the seabed, causing them to slow down, increase in height, and potentially break, forming what we perceive as coastal waves or sea waves. 

Sea Waves – are affected by winds, local weather patterns and the movement of fluid dynamics around costal areas.

Why don't we use wave energy?

Lets explore why wave energy is underused & explain how Active Wave Energy Converters work. 

Harsh Environments: The oceans are a harsh environment and making technology that can withstand the kinetic energy has been challenging. Also repairing the technology is often a costly and time consuming process.

AWEC’s are built for high durability making them a great solution for repetitive high impact forces. Additionally they are easy repair and operate as an array so reducing a single point of failure.

Corrosion: The oceans water are highly corrosive, which means most materials have a short working life before they need to be maintained or replaced. 

An AWEC is safely enclosed in an incubated shell that is waterproof resistant to corrosion. This will give the technology an extremely long lifespan.

AI Optimised Wave Energy Conversion

Using AI AWEC technology could provide an uninterrupted power supply for centuries. Wave patterns, weather conditions, and energy demands analysis by AI could provide data to maximize AWEC’s electricity generation.