Wave Energy

Wave Energy Harvesting

Marine waves are among the most abundant forces on Earth.

The two main types of wave energy are Oceanic & Sea waves.

Oceanic waves – Typically gigantic forces of water displacement caused by gravity, Earth’s rotation and oceanic weather.

Sea Waves – caused by local weather patterns and movement around costal areas

Waves generate endless electricity.

Endless Energy

The rudimentary model showcases the technology’s ability to tap into the perpetual motion of ocean waves, thereby creating an infinite source of electrical power.

The ocean, known for its continuous wave energy, is harnessed by this remarkably sturdy and motion-responsive technology, making it the inaugural source of electricity that remains perpetually abundant.

This device will tirelessly produce electricity as long as the ocean remains in motion, underscoring its sustainability and self-renewing nature. Although the prototype is rudimentary, it serves as a foundational model that can be expanded upon, leaving no doubt that it will continue to generate electricity as long as the ocean remains dynamic.

Remarkably, this technology is environmentally friendly, with 100% recyclable materials. The key components, a copper coil and a magnet, rarely require replacement. Furthermore, the strings used are crafted from Kevlar, a material ten times stronger than steel.

In terms of power generation, these prototypes yield comparable results to solar panels that occupy a similar surface area.

Large scale Active Kinetic 1 systems offer some distinct advantages over solar and turbine technology:

Thermal loss: no thermal loss.

Availability: Active Kinetic 1 operates 24 hours, far more reliable than the sun & cloud ratios.

Frigidity: A technology made for high impact motion. Solar panels would break.

Land / Sea Ratio: With 71% water surface area on Earth, more than doubles land.

Landscape: Saves land, animal habitats and less environmental upheaval.

Demand: 40% of human population live on costal areas.

Repairs: Active Kinetic 1 is easily repairable with 100% circular economy.

Multilayer: The Active Kinetic 1 technology will be stacked in multiple layers tall.

Nevertheless solar could be a complimentary solution used along with this technology safely embedded on top.