CO2 Free

Why is CO2 a problem?

Burning fossil fuel to release energy creates CO2 emission. The carbon in the atmosphere causes global warming which results in the melting of permafrost in Artic environments releasing even more Methane and CO2.

How can this solution help?

Active Kinetic 1 technology will contribute massively to the reduction of carbon dioxide a major contributor which along with chlorofluorocarbons and other greenhouse gases ultimately leads to global climate change.

melting of permafrost in Artic environments releasing Methane and CO2

What makes it different

The motion energy technology is capable of accessing forms of renewable energy more efficiently than accomplished with the current technologies.

The technology can be manufactured with 100% recycled materials and no has CO2 emissions. No toxic chemicals or lubricants required for the technology to operate.

Active Kinetic 1 is among the youngest kinetic energy technologies invented in 2021, the new motion energy technology has also been successfully tested to conserve and reduce energy loss.

The technology easily qualify as Zero energy devices and strengthen the worlds control of personal and portable CO2 free electricity.