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Climate emergency Centre Webinar
Climate Emergency Centre Webinar Active Kinetic 1 were invited to a community webinar held by the Climate Emergency Centre.The key topic
Recognition of International Day of Clean Energy Clean energy is crucial to the climate solution and UN have assigned a
Active Wave Energy Convertor AWEC
Successfully tested Active Wave Energy ConvertEr (AWEC) On 21st December 2023, an official AWEC test was successfully undertaken at the
Active Kinetic 1 Ltd
Official announcement of Active Kinetic 1 Ltd. We are proud to announce the formulation of a limited company. The company
Techspo London 2023
Techspo welcomes Active Kinetic 1 game-changing technology. Active Kinetic 1 are thrilled to share an exciting piece of news that
Bard vs ChatGPT
BARD vs ChatGPT Currently doing a knowledge test of Bard and ChatGTP AI chatbot about Active Kinetic 1 gets extremely
Investors Master Plan
These are the reactions from people that have seen and tested the Active Kinetic generator shown at Reset Connect the
Investors Master Plan
Dog walker visibility An estimated 1.2 million dog fatalities occur on the roads each year. Pet visibility is a safety
Acoustic vibration from Rational wave energy Testing new acoustic active kinetic generator first test on rotational waves from a vehicle
Renewable shopping cart
Free Electricity from Shopping Cart / Trolley for IoT Every shopping trip could generate free electricity, and adds less than
Andrew Karim. Founder Active Kinetic 1 and Nicolas Hawker Energies Fusion.
Fusion’s Active Kinetic Energy First Light Fusion, CEO, Dr. Nicholas Hawker talks fusion with Active Kinetic 1 Founder. A combination
Raise World Awareness
The Raise RAISE TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS & CONCERNS. TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS 9:00am, 27th May 2023. Technology Reveal – PART 1: Q2 technology
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The new prototype ideal for fluid motion, such as moving water environments; a river, the sea and oceans. The new
Investors Master Plan
Investor Master Plan Some followers are aware Active Kinetic 1 is an energy master plan in development. As promised in
Technology Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificate.
UK Petition: Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificate What is the petition about? Small Scale Renewable Energy Contract: Allows individuals and
CCUS Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage In Summary: The UK CCUS operates to incentives carbon reduction through carbon capture in
Inventors Thank you Message: Newton, Einstein, Leonardo, Tesla
Thank you to Historic Inventors This mosaic of inventors have played an iconic role in the history, development and understanding
AI statement - what is artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence cannot function without a source of energy. Artificial Intelligence without energy Energy and artificial intelligence have an intrinsic
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Do free energy machines work? Yes. Renewable energy such as wind and sunlight is free. Renewable energy machines require a
robot stats sales industry
As robots advance so must the energy supply and Active Kinetic 1 has new options. Robots are being adopted for
Human Energy The Matrix
Harvesting Human Energy As an attempt to raise early awareness in the technology, The Matrix calling for attention to Harvesting
Free Energy ET
Harvesting Human Energy As an attempt to raise early awareness in the Energy Technology (E.T.) calling for more attention to
Free Human Power
Free Electricity is one step closer! Harvesting human energy is easy to achieve as demonstrate with Active Kinetic 1 motion
Boston Dynamics Dog Active-Kinetic-1
Active Kinetic 1 AI for Robotics ? Boston Dynamics Dog displays superior agility and accuracy in robotic technology, however the
UK Atomic Energy Authority Sky News
UK Atomic Energy Authority Elementary conversations reveals the usefulness of Active Kinetic 1 in Atomic Fusion. Further confirming suspicions that
Sky News Big Ideas Live
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melting of permafrost in Artic environments releasing Methane and CO2
CLEAN ENERGY HAS ALWAYS BEEN FREE ! Discovering a new method of generating electricity brings prosperity and hope for billions
Are new Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless? Fossil fuels & fuels are a short-term investment, once the fuel stops by
sun flare
Preparing for 2025 Solar Flares Scientists have discovered a pattern of orbital cycles between the Sun and Earth that threaten
Clean energy and Fusion
Nuclear Fusion Most scientists agree that Nuclear Fusion can provide huge amounts of energy by fusing atoms. @media screen and
Have a look and see the reactions. Demonstrations of our energy device are met with reluctance and disbelief in its
NFT Mona Lisa mirrored side-by-side
NFT Art for Active Kinetic 1 page hosted on Linkedin received a welcome upgrade using an NFT piece taken from
alternative to oil
Thanks to all attendees to the online event IF NOT OIL? (8th October 2022) The event aimed to investigate the
Save the Planet video
New energy technology developed in United Kingdom. Advanced new method to generate electricity using new smart technology. Renewable energy can
Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian man as Vituman by Active Kinetic 1 founder
OpenSea library of NFT art to celebrate Active Kinetic 1 prototype success and news which establishes an official new patent
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Energy charts 2010, 2022, 2030
Further to an energy usage study undertaken by Active Kinetic 1, evidence suggests that energy demands might be grossly miscalculated
Wind Turbine Strike Bird
Do wind farms at sea hide or reveal the ugly truth? During research of Active Kinetic 1 wind technology the
Wind Turbines are 50% less efficient than the solution proposed by Active Kinetic 1. This is dramatic news for the
Net Zero energy ready
A major leap forward in the understanding and ultimately the underlaying science which provides energy using Active Kinetic 1 has
Active Kinetic 1 are exploring the grounds for a new Cryptocurrency in developing crowd investment and offering early stage relationships
New Secret technology. Innovative prototype electric generator. WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Sharing real footage. Emerging motion powered electric device. More information visit
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Free Sustainable Energy solutions for the future, anywhere and everywhere. Less cO2, endless new power. Exclusive breaker video marking the
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Free Sustainable Energy solutions for the future, anywhere and everywhere. Less cO2, endless new power. Exclusive breaker video marking the
Energy bills are increasing due to various factors, but the most important is the investment in supply. Companies and institutions
Solar Energy – Direct conversions of solar radiation harness by far the largest renewable energy resource but their efficiency and
Low Power Densities of renewable energy. If renewable energy sources were to satisfy significant shares (15-30%) of national demand for
The difference is the state of magnetism. Copyright ©2022
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Gravity is a force experience by any mass in the presence of another more dense mass. Copyright ©2022