Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless

Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless

Are new Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless?

Fossil fuels & fuels are a short-term investment, once the fuel stops by supply or depleted, the invested technology becomes worthless!

Investments such as cars, cargo ships, Freight-trains, even petrol stations are all high risk investments that stop when Fossil and Fuels supplies stop.

Renewable investment use free energy that will long outlast crude oil and even nuclear materials excavated from Earth.

Currently worldwide we are still investing over $1 trillion every year in fossil fuels, which are high risk investments that are non-returnable and not economic in comparison to low risk renewable energy investments.


Crude Oil will always be a commodity useful for plastics, tarmac and many chemicals we use everyday.

Burning it away for fuel almost sounds crazy, yet the world would not function as it does today without burning gallons of fossil fuels everyday.

Without oil space travel is impossible.

The Earth is the only planet is our solar system that has crud oil.

Space travel requires lubricants, oils, plastics and fossil fuel unavailable anywhere in the universe except on Earth.

Save future human survival

Investments in energy storage, renewable facilities, energy conservation & new methods to generate electricity would be a safe way to speculate in low risk investments. Renewables require investment but overall costs are less & energy is free, no fuel costs, no waste costs.

The investments made in todays technology will be all the next generation inherits SUSTAINABLE & RENEWABLE.