Energy charts 2010, 2022, 2030

Energy Demands and Spikes Underestimated

Further to an energy usage study undertaken by Active Kinetic 1, evidence suggests that energy demands might be grossly miscalculated in previously predicted reports. The future predictions seem to underestimate growth caused by climate change. A rapidly growing user population, an increased demand for high consumption devices such as air-conditioning;
Wind Turbine Strike Bird

Wind Turbines hit by 4 million Birds per year?

Do wind farms at sea hide or reveal the ugly truth? During research of Active Kinetic 1 wind technology the unearthing of data regarding bird culling is concerning. The images below show the tracked path of seals that regularly visit the wind turbines. @media screen and (min-width:768px){.stk-fbbb966{flex:1 1 calc(57.8% -

$1Tn post – New Wind Turns Off Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines are 50% less efficient than the solution proposed by Active Kinetic 1. This is dramatic news for the entire investment in the renewables industry. This information might face challenges from various investors in energy, however this week a private demonstration shows energy levels 50% higher than a wind
Net Zero energy ready

Net-Zero Prototype Test a Major Success !

A major leap forward in the understanding and ultimately the underlaying science which provides energy using Active Kinetic 1 has been successfully undertaken. A theoretical concept was put turned into a prototype to the test the set up and to demonstrate a Net-Zero generator that can compete with current renewables.

Cryptocurrency Investment

Active Kinetic 1 are exploring the grounds for a new Cryptocurrency in developing crowd investment and offering early stage relationships a low cost, low risk, high gain investment. As the company is at the early stages of exploring a new technology that offers huge potential for growth in the energy