Shhh! Prototype

The new prototype ideal for fluid motion, such as moving water environments; a river, the sea and oceans. The new mechanism can withstand extremely high impacts and durable enough to withstand the ocean current. When the technology was tested with in minimal water current and movement it still generates impressive
Investors Master Plan

Investor Master Plan

Investor Master Plan Some followers are aware Active Kinetic 1 is an energy master plan in development. As promised in Q4 2022, some details about a new energy technology would begin to be released publicly by Q1 2023. This first explainer video is unlisted on Youtube giving followers an exclusive
Technology Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificate.

UK Petition

UK Petition: Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificate What is the petition about? Small Scale Renewable Energy Contract: Allows individuals and SME’s in the United Kingdom to benefit from Free electricity from renewable energy sources or when making an investment in any energy saving technology. Rewards in Australia and the United


CCUS Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage In Summary: The UK CCUS operates to incentives carbon reduction through carbon capture in an effort to reverse the carbon climate effect. Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) is a set of technologies that can play a key role in meeting global energy and
Boston Dynamics Dog Active-Kinetic-1

AI an Energy for Robotics ?

Active Kinetic 1 AI for Robotics ? Boston Dynamics Dog displays superior agility and accuracy in robotic technology, however the battery currently lasts about 1 hours 30 minutes before needing changing. The robot uses energy to move, with Active Kinetic 1 it could reuse the movement to regenerate some electricity.