Boston Dynamics Dog Active-Kinetic-1

AI an Energy for Robotics ?

Active Kinetic 1 AI for Robotics ? Boston Dynamics Dog displays superior agility and accuracy in robotic technology, however the battery currently lasts about 1 hours 30 minutes before needing changing. The robot uses energy to move, with Active Kinetic 1 it could reuse the movement to regenerate some electricity.
UK Atomic Energy Authority Sky News

UK Atomic Energy Authority

UK Atomic Energy Authority Elementary conversations reveals the usefulness of Active Kinetic 1 in Atomic Fusion. Further confirming suspicions that this technology could provide another effective method for Atomic energy absorption, utilisation and to improvements in efficiency. Currently Fusion has been achieved using the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP)
Sky News Big Ideas Live

Electricity and energy in Space – Sky News

@media screen and (min-width:768px){.stk-b1f4597{flex:1 1 calc(38.5% - var(--stk-column-gap,0px) * 1 / 2 ) !important}} Energy in Space ? How are we going to power a human settlement on another planet? What energy supply is available for interplanetary settlement or in outer-space? No fossil fuels on moon or mars? Active Kinetic
melting of permafrost in Artic environments releasing Methane and CO2


CLEAN ENERGY HAS ALWAYS BEEN FREE ! Discovering a new method of generating electricity brings prosperity and hope for billions of people. Active Kinetic 1 is a low-cost alternative energy technology that opens new doors for renewable energy by bridging the transition from fossil fuels dramatically and quickly. Renewables are

Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless

Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless? Fossil fuels & fuels are a short-term investment, once the fuel stops by supply or depleted, the invested technology becomes worthless! Investments such as cars, cargo ships, Freight-trains, even petrol stations are all high risk investments that stop when Fossil and Nuclear Fuels supplies stop.