Andrew Karim. Founder Active Kinetic 1 and Nicolas Hawker Energies Fusion.

Kinetic Fusion Energy

Fusion’s Active Kinetic Energy First Light Fusion, CEO, Dr. Nicholas Hawker talks fusion with Active Kinetic 1 Founder. A combination of fusion and kinetic energy technologies will enable limitless energy anywhere in the universe and we are extremely close to a new variety of solutions. The energy revolution is well
Raise World Awareness

The Raise

The Raise RAISE TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS & CONCERNS. TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS 9:00am, 27th May 2023. Technology Reveal – PART 1: Q2 technology reveal & awareness. The first opportunity for people to see the core technology that enables the motion devices to operate efficiently further details posted shortly.

Terrific – Prototype 3

@media screen and (min-width:768px){.stk-2ad2631{flex:1 1 calc(41.9% - var(--stk-column-gap,0px) * 1 / 2 ) !important}} Terrific – Prototype 3 Recover and recycle wind energy from high speed passing traffic. Megawatts of power for thousands of homes by simply reusing energy produced from vehicles passing on a busy road. Reduce carbon energy

Shhh! Prototype

The new prototype ideal for fluid motion, such as moving water environments; a river, the sea and oceans. The new mechanism can withstand extremely high impacts and durable enough to withstand the ocean current. When the technology was tested with in minimal water current and movement it still generates impressive
Investors Master Plan

Investor Master Plan

Investor Master Plan Some followers are aware Active Kinetic 1 is an energy master plan in development. As promised in Q4 2022, some details about a new energy technology would begin to be released publicly by Q1 2023. This first explainer video is unlisted on Youtube giving followers an exclusive