melting of permafrost in Artic environments releasing Methane and CO2


CLEAN ENERGY HAS ALWAYS BEEN FREE ! Discovering a new method of generating electricity brings prosperity and hope for billions of people. Active Kinetic 1 is a low-cost alternative energy technology that opens new doors for renewable energy by bridging the transition from fossil fuels dramatically and quickly. Renewables are

Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless

Fossil & Fuel Investments Worthless? Fossil fuels & fuels are a short-term investment, once the fuel stops by supply or depleted, the invested technology becomes worthless! Investments such as cars, cargo ships, Freight-trains, even petrol stations are all high risk investments that stop when Fossil and Nuclear Fuels supplies stop.
sun flare

2025 Preparation

Preparing for 2025 Solar Flares Scientists have discovered a pattern of orbital cycles between the Sun and Earth that threaten the planet electrical items and electrical supplies, with the potential of blackouts lasting years.. On a solar flare cycle mapped to occur about 2025, solar flares might be in alignment
Clean energy and Fusion

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion Most scientists agree that Nuclear Fusion can provide huge amounts of energy by fusing atoms. @media screen and (min-width:768px){.stk-597c8e2{flex:1 1 calc(33.3% - var(--stk-column-gap,0px) * 1 / 2 ) !important}} USING ENERGY There are many methods to create fusion and R&D has cost billions of pounds. We can now
alternative to oil


Thanks to all attendees to the online event IF NOT OIL? (8th October 2022) The event aimed to investigate the issues relating to the Fossil Fuel Industry to provide early explorers an insight into the issues faced and some insight and predictions of future energies. The event shared valuable, informative