Biodiverse Energy

Harvesting Human movement and Animalia are developed forms of extracting energy from natural movement.

Purpose of Biodiverse energy

The energy devices have minimal impact on the host and utilises it’s natural movements such as walking to harvest energy. The following is a list of technology that could use the energy generated:

  • Safety lighting
  • Location detection
  • Charge mobiles / devices
  • Health monitors
  • Security devices
  • IoT devices

– Safety lighting Charging

How else can Biodiversity produce free energy?

In the context of biodiversity, kinetic energy refers to the energy generated by the movement of animals or plants within an ecosystem.

For example; the kinetic energy of a tree moving in the wind, the movement of birds in trees, bats in a caves and Animalia travelling, playing or feeding could all be considered a form of kinetic energy generated by the movement.

This kinetic energy plays an important role in the functioning of natural ecosystems, but could also produce electricity as motion energy technology is extremely sensitive and efficient at converting any kinetic movement into electricity without disrupting the ecosystem. Kinetic energy is the energy that an object possesses due to its movement.

How can biodiversity to reduce CO2 ?

Vast amounts of CO2 is produced naturally from biodiversity, if we can drive various ecological processes to help recycle energy we can maintain the balance by recycling kinetic energy, reduce carbon footprint and improve ecosystems.

Active Kinetic 1 have the tools to extract kinetic energy and produce free electricity with minimal upheaval and maximising the benefits of off-grid power.

Providing even a basic grid power line often requires upheaval of many miles of ecosystem, off-grid solution will slow the progress and urgency ultimately protecting these environments.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity refers to the variety of different species of plants, animals, and other organisms that exist in a particular area or ecosystem.

Energy from Animal movement