Carbon Free Energy Source

Using renewable energy such as oceanic Wave Energy, Solar, Wind and Hydrodynamics (fluid activity from water) provides the easiest method to obtain carbon-free energy.

Our Carbon-free Electricity

Technology such as Active Kinetic 1 use renewable energy sources to generate carbon-free electricity.

Carbon-free Technology

Active Kinetic 1 is a zero carbon technology that creates clean energy and can be manufactured virtually carbon free. The materials needed such as the plastics and metals can be recycled using induction heat processes using clean energy.

The clean electrical energy required for such induction heat processes, can also be supplied by Active Kinetic 1 systems providing a complete circular economy.

What are Low Carbon Technologies

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are the most widely used low carbon technologies. The draw back is that they still require carbon intense manufacturing. Additionally due to there intermittency need batteries to store energy, which also contributes to the carbon footprint.