Energy is Free

Do renewables provide Free energy?

Yes. The perpetual movement from oceanic Wave Energy for example. The Sun, Thermal, Hydrodynamics, Wind and virtually any natural movement provides Free energy.

Over 97% of all energy used worldwide is a result of movement such as steam rotating a turbine . In science movement or motion is known as kinetic energy. However a large amount of natural kinetic energy is unused.

Harvesting Free energy ?

Wind, water, humans and animals create useful movement this motion can provide useful energy. Active Kinetic 1motion energy technology can efficiently convert this mechanical energy into electricity.

Harvesting energy ?

Movement or Kinetic energy can be harvested from natural movement such as:

(a) FREE – Renewables: Waves, Wind, hydrodynamics, solar & anything that moves.

(b) PAID – Fossil fuel, nuclear fuel, etc from steam technology.

A Motion energy machine can freely harvest the slightest movement and convert it into electricity.

Harvesting Motion energy ?

Active Kinetic 1 Motion energy mechanism generates electricity from movement. The new method finds an easier method to access kinetic motion and generate electricity than a motor.

As shown in recent experiments motion energy machines can harvest vast amounts of human energy and covert it into useful electricity. It can retrieve a large amount of electricity requiring extremely low activation energy.

Motion energy machines offer a huge potential to transform the energy industry and the entire world.

Energy Backpack
Kinetic energy is everywhere you are and it is free.
Kinetic energy converts into electricity
Energy Backpack

Methods for retrieving Motion energy:

Many kinetic resources can utilise motion energy to create electricity such as:

  • Harvesting Human Energy.
  • New 24 hr Wind renewable technology.
  • New 24 hr Oceanic energy harnessing.
  • New Solar renewable solution.
  • Conservation of energy.
  • Powering Remote surveillance devices.
  • Interplanetary power
  • Survival power supply.
  • Harvest vehicle movement
  • Harvest waste energy


Why is this technology important ?

Motion energy technology provides an advanced method to generate electricity.

Harvesting kinetic motion energy can produce useful amounts of electrical charge from small movements.

Forces such as the wind or the sea could produce many Giga Watts of renewable energy.

A car journey, dog walking and even basic human movements could be used to harvest useful amounts of power without impeding the host or committing energy theft.

Accelerate Net Zero

By accessing renewable free energy this technology directly combats carbon reduction. Materials are recyclable and provide the most sustainable solution.

This solution provides a faster route to net zero with its new style of extremely durable reliable electrical generators.