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Motion energy is a new method that creates electricity:

  • Harvesting Human Energy.
  • New 24 hr Wind renewable technology.
  • New 24 hr Oceanic energy harnessing.
  • New Solar renewable solution.
  • Conservation of energy.
  • Powering Remote surveillance devices.
  • Interplanetary power
  • Survival power supply.
  • Harvest vehicle movement

Harvesting Motion energy ?

Newly invented motion energy electric generator technology by Active Kinetic 1.

As shown in recent experiments motion energy technology can harvest good amounts of energy and covert it into useful amounts of electricity show huge potential to transform the energy industry.

Motion energy is a new technology that generates electricity from movement. It can retrieve a large amount of electricity using a low activation energy.

Why is technology important ?

Motion energy technology provides an advanced method to generate electricity.

Harvesting kinetic motion energy can produce useful amounts of electrical charge from small movements.

Forces such as the wind or the sea could produce many Giga Watt of renewable energy.

A car journey, dog walking and even basic human movements could be used to harvest useful amounts of power without impeding the host.