Recycle Energy for Power

Technology Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificate.

Active Kinetic 1 Believe individuals and businesses in the UK would benefit from the introduction of small-scale energy certificates (SREC) mirroring systems, currently active in the USA and Australia.

Generate electricity from movement, human, IoT smart homes, farming, waste, any fuel, wind. 100% renewable & recycled.

100% No Fuel

Renewable & Sustainable

Low Cost

Scalable & Fast Distribution

CO2 Free

No Greenhouse Gases, CO2

100% Uptime

No Fault Time


Green Renewables

Human Power

Harvest Human Movement


Not Solar, nor Wind turbine

Smart Energy

Digital A.I, IoT, Web 3.0


Recycle Motion Energy for Power

Unlock Free Sustainable Energy……Innovators in Clean-Tech energy systems.

Energy Innovation

More energy than we need? Innovative Energy Prototype.

Sustainable Energy

Cost-effective, Efficient, Reliable, Scalable & Distributive.


Unlock untapped Motion Energy, New Transformative Emerging Tech.

Extremely Coefficient Clean-Tech.

New disruptive technology provides the method to generate sustainable electricity.
Exponential growth & Extremely Scaleable

Profitable & impacting Investment.
Future Thinking: Win / Win Investment.

Increase regional energy.
Redesign energy system developing sustainable energy.

Discover Net-Zero Sustainable Energy Today! Reduce the burden for future generations.

New Green AC generator operates on kinetic movement.
Invest in 100% clean power.

We appreciate any donation of your time and financial support.

Bespoke Clean-Tech reduced mechanical impedance kinetic formula.

Unlock Free Sustainable Energy……Innovators in Clean-tech energy systems