What is Active Kinetic 1 and How Does work?

Active Kinetic 1 is a mechanism that converts movement into electricity. Oceanic Wave Energy is a great example!

New Induction Mechanism

Active Kinetic 1 is a unique electromagnetic induction mechanism utilising traditional rules of science.

Waves of Electricity

In essence, the swinging magnet acts like waves pushing the magnetic field up and down through the coil, generating electricity.

Pendulum Momentum

By utilising pendulum oscillation to capture movement, the coupled pendulum arrangement ensures that the magnetic field stays on a vertical axis as the pendulums swing back and forth maintaining momentum.

Motion energy

Converts movement directly into electricity.

Examples of Application

The mechanical movement from water, wind or , moving vehicles converts directly into electrical current.

Active Kinetic 1 electrical conversion

The framework of the circuit shown above, provides a typical example for energy storage from an Active Kinetic 1 mechanism.

The interaction between a moving magnetic field and stationary copper coil generates electricity from electromagnetic induction.

This simple novel design offers a unique way to utilise the established principle of electromagnetic induction and kinetic energy for power generation.