Can movement create electricity?

Yes, movement can generate electricity. Oceanic Wave energy is a great example!

The conversion of mechanical kinetic energy via electromagnetic induction is most successful. However friction causes materials to energised from static electricity and compression of piezoelectric materials also produces electrical energy.

Movement into Electricity?

Movement is kinetic energy and when it is absorbed by Active Kinetic 1 oscillating induction technology it will immediately generate an electrical current. The amount of kinetic energy is directly proportional to the amount of electricity produced and can be accurately predicted through kinetic energy formulas.

What creates electricity from movement?

Electromagnetic induction is the most widely used method to create electricity from movement.


Most commonly 99% of mechanical energy is converted by a rotary induction generator.

Active Kinetic 1 is a new method that combines pendulum oscillation and electromagnetic induction to capture any movement efficiently and instantly to produce electricity.

How is electricity generated from movement?

Any movement or vibration of an Active Kinetic 1 mechanism can be used to generate electricity from linear oscillating induction. The movement of the pendulum causes the magnetic component to oscillate though the copper coil, efficiently converting mechanical movement directly into AC electricity.

Active Kinetic 1 Induction Mechanism

Active Kinetic 1 is a new mechanism that utilises pendulum oscillation to capture movement and generate electricity from induction.


The mechanical movement from water, wind or , moving vehicles converts directly into electrical current.

Motion energy converts directly into electricity.