Energy from movement.

Batteryless energy supply

An electricity supply recharged from movement is a vital tool in user convenience and reduces battery dependancy.

Integrating kinetic power supplies into transportable products can significantly enhance uptime and overall device efficiency.

Batteryless Technology

Active Kinetic generators will replace the battery entirely in some technologies.

Active Kinetic electricity enables batteryless devices that improve product reliability. By eliminating the need for batteries, these devices not only alleviate the global cost to manufacture but also eliminate some of the environmental impact caused by batteries.

Energy Conservation

The Active Kinetic generator can harvest the natural human movements to generate electricity from kinetic energy.

Energy can be conserved from normal tasks such as walking where physical activity provides surplus usable energy.

Reducing battery usage.

The new Kinetic batteryless technology presents a compelling solution for sustainability.

Batteries are unnecessary in some devices. The worldwide environmental impact for battery material could be reduced and natural habitats saved by reducing battery usage. Batteryless tech can mitigate the issues related to battery waste. Furthermore, the adoption of batteryless technology significantly improve human devices, conserve wasted energy, reduces the overall environmental and carbon footprint associated with battery production on a global scale.

AC kinetic generator

The active kinetic generators operate at low friction and easily gain momentum to provide an AC power supply.

The device above weights 42g generates +5v / +200ma when walking.

LifecyclePerformance loss after charge & discharge cycles
0% energy loss
0% waste
RechargingNeeds to be frequently, forgetting to recharge is an annoyance in human lives.Recharges from natural human movements, while being transported.
Thermal runaway Capable of creating fire risk.No risk.
End of lifeDisposable toxic land waste100% Recycled Circular Economic


Enabling new IoT and Wearable Technology. Batteryless devices increases human freedom and abilities, provide access to clean and reliable energy anywhere and at anytime. Batteryless technology provides emergency power worldwide or anywhere in the universe. Reducing dependancy on heavy batteries and improves system availability, offering immediate benefits across various domains.

How does Batteryless energy work?

An active kinetic electrical generator is a device used to harvest kinetic energy from a source of movement. Any movement generates electricity from the generator that can be used immediately.

How much power is produced by an active kinetic generator?

As the device requires kinetic energy the amount of energy depends on the activeness of the source.

Typical examples of energy

– A human walking with a 50g device could produce 1.5 to 5 joules per second.

– A cars internal motion could generate 5 joules to 150 joules per second from a device weighing 2kg.

– A cars external motion could generate 100 to 300 joules per meter.

For example: A mobile phone charges at about 20 joules per second. So carrying a small device for 6 hours enables your phone to fully charge anywhere in the universe.

How long will an Active Kinetic generator last?

The generator could operate for decades without fault. The kinetic energy delivered to the device provides motion energy and cannot work without motion. The device is extremely safe and reduces the cost of battery energy as the mechanism provide abilities to recharge. Energy can be harvested from very subtle movement to extremely aggressive movement and this energy can be used or stored.

Why does the batteryless device use a battery?

Any excess or unused energy can be stored in a battery and used later.

Does the batteryless device increase the product cost?

Any cost will be offset by carbon reduction, the overall sustainability and durability of the device. The energy lifespan of any device could be extended from a few months to decades. Many devices are simply thrown away once the battery no longer works and user experience determines user ratings of a product.

How can we use active kinetic motion energy generators?

Reduce battery dependancy and create batteryless devices for a variety of niches:

A few simple examples could be:

– Sustainable Light-up child’s toys – requiring no recharge or battery changes. Reduces the impact and cost of manufacturing.

– Light-up Pet Tracking collars and harnesses – Self-charging devices or batteryless light beacons. Improving safety, device sustainability and ultimately lowering manufacture costs.

– Monitoring underground motion. Improving detection of pipe or land movements. Reducing the cost of evacuating and increasing safety.

Solar Generators

Solar compliments the active kinetic generator very well and in combination provides reliable source of electricity. Solar panels also use batteries to store the energy absorbed. It is important to note that solar power is only available during sunlight hours, whereas kinetic energy offers instant power, without charged.