Vehicle Energy

Vehicle Energy

Can Vehicles generate electricity?

Yes. conserving a vehicles External and Internal movement can generate considerable amounts of energy. Engine vibration, wind from passing vehicles, braking and a vehicles moving mass all provide kinetic energy useful in generating electricity.

External Vehicle Energy Harvesting

Vehicles Moving Energy

Active Kinetic 1’s Linear momentum technology is useful for conserving kinetic energy, enabling it to generate electricity from wasted vertical force of linear movement such as a wheel rolling along the road.

Vehicle Wind Energy

External: A moving vehicles wind can be converted into electricity. As shown in the video example, active kinetic generators are capable of harvesting, the kinetic energy from wind to immediately generate electricity. The energy harvested in just 1 mile of fencing could power several homes or businesses.

Internal Vehicle Energy

Internal: Vehicle movements and braking convert motion into electricity. As shown in the video example, Active kinetic, generators are capable of harvesting, the kinetic energy from any movement to immediately generate electricity.

Internal: Active kinetic generator mounted on the engine generates over 5 volts of electricity and instantly powers devices. This is direct current not stored energy. The generator provides a cable-free power source for a variety of desirable such as device monitors for air quality, heat sensors, sensors to monitor engine vibrations, etc.

How is it free?

The technology converse energy that would otherwise be wasted to provide free electricity.

This innovation provides a new layer of renewable energy supply that is reliable and reduces energy loss through energy conservation.

Conserving, this energy will provide a new method to harvest electricity from vehicles. The energy conservation can be stored in a battery or, used to power devices.