Engine Vibrational Energy

As shown above an active kinetic generator, producing electricity from an engines vibration.

How does a vehicle generate electricity?

Currently vehicles use an alternator. The alternator is driven by a belt connected to the engine’s crankshaft. As the engine runs, it rotates the crankshaft, which, in turn, spins the alternator to generate electricity.

How is Active Kinetic 1 technology different?

By using active kinetic generator the natural vibrational movement of the vehicle is used to conserve energy, so no additional energy is drawn from the engines system. The vibrational self-power from movement and generate electricity using motion energy technology in the new prototypes.

Each moving vehicle creates its own energy. Harvesting the kinetic force of the engines vibrations enables energy conservation to generate electricity.

How much energy ?

The experiment above shows the smallest voltage active kinetic generator. This small generator weighs under 50 grams and creates +5v/150ma, several devices attached together would produce far more energy.

Wasted energy ?

Currently and without this technology, we are wasting energy that could be useful in monitoring for faults or ready to use in an emergency.

How can we use this technology?

Installing this technology in a vehicle provides a power source in the engine that can be used to host a variety of monitoring technology that does not come standard with the vehicle. This technology could supply cable-free power to monitor vibrations, heat variations, carbon monoxide levels, early alert in case of fire. It is an easy technology to install.