Motion = Energy

Humans generate energy for movement, energy is lost in each move

The motion energy technology enables humans to store some of this energy as electricity

In the world of science, movement is commonly known as kinetic energy. This energy can be recycled unnoticeably by a human carrying the technology in clothing or a bag to generate electricity

Portable Personal Energy Technology (PPET)

  • Power Medical devices and motion alerts.
  • USB Power bank Storage.
  • Energy Contribution and Carbon reductions.

Survival Technology (PPET)

  • Emergency power for survival kit.
  • Energy for light.
  • Light distress signals.

Everyday uses of PPET

  • Charge Mobile phones.
  • Power for Smart watches.
  • Energy for tablet and speaker devices.
  • VR eye glasses power supply
  • Digital currency, crypto and FinTech payment technology.