Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Active Kinetic 1 is a new electrical generator enabling motion energy and AI access to regulate energy.

Endless Energy

Artificial intelligence could end the energy crisis abruptly by using Active Kinetic 1 technology.

What is Sector Coupling?

This a digital technology will ideally use artificial intelligence sector coupling interactions to provide 24 hour free electricity worldwide.

Sector coupling enables centralised energy management for end-user supply with energy services.

Sector coupling is the umbrella management system of a distributed energy infrastructure capable of managing one or a variety of energy producing technologies such as; Solar, Wind, Hydro, Fossil fuel, nuclear etc.

AI will soon be very successful in its ability to manage sector coupling, this ability will allow it to access power without human intervention.

Power without Human Interaction.

In the case of renewable technologies such as hydro, solar panels and wind technology sector coupling could provide uninterrupted power for centuries into the future without human interaction or intervention.

A.I in a state of emergency

In the event of a seismic event on Earth wether simulated, man made or natural accident humans could be annihilated, yet the energy technology would remain active for thousands of years.

A.I Uninterrupted Continuation.

Solar panels and wind turbines degrade, but could still generate enough energy to operate a quantum computers for centuries. Additionally if nothing else is using the energy, then energy storage would be available for many years also robots could be deployed to acquire fossil fuel materials.

A.I Data transfer

AI could use the option of networking via power-lines used to operate the computer and even tunnel data beyond the human scope of interaction with the hardware.

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