Successfully tested Active Wave Energy ConvertEr (AWEC)

On 21st December 2023, an official AWEC test was successfully undertaken at the River Medway in Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom.

We were honoured to be assisted by an independent and third party whom piloted the test Sandro Vistosi a Company Director at Rochester Cruising Club Ltd.

Sandro Vistosi was extremely impressed by the technology and happily confirmed in his video statement “you’ve certainly got something there !”

We thank Sandro Vistosi and the Rochester Cruising Club Ltd for allowing us to test the device at the marina, where it was safely deployed and easily retrieved.

These tests involving a new AWEC prototype floated in waves less than 20cm tall on the river to establish if natural waves could generate electricity from subtle motion using the AWEC technology.

Since then several further tests have been undertaken that further confirm confidence in the technologies ability to generate 24 hour clean energy from water waves.

Footage will soon be live on our Patreon partners page:

Electricity Comes in Waves

The Next step…

These waves were subtle and we now want to test the technology in harsh waters to see how much energy can be harvested using the new method. We are working on a new watertight version of the technology which should be ready in early January 2024.


We expect this will be the dawn of a new 24 hour renewable technology, and we are excited to demonstrate the power of the technology in sea waves.

We can also confirm a groundbreaking new energy technology that is capable of providing an independent electricity supply that is more robust than Solar and with a longer working capacity than Solar. These new capabilities provide every human on the planet a safer and more sustainable future.