Clean Energy Day

Clean Energy Day

Recognition of International Day of Clean Energy

Clean energy is crucial to the climate solution and UN have assigned a day to recognise clean energy solutions such as Active Kinetic 1.

International Day of Clean Energy will be held on January 26th 2024 and will be the first time in history the day will be recognised.

The UN is especially calling on everyone and especially all networks involved in the Net Zero effort to mark the special occasion and help bring awareness to the transition and use of existing and innovative clean energy solutions.

Active Kinetic 1 hopes to develop and raise awareness internationally, so that this technology will be better understood.

Amidst the challenges posed by climate change, the significance of clean energy in curbing emissions cannot be overstated. Beyond environmental benefits, it serves as a beacon of hope for communities lacking dependable power sources. Shockingly, 675 million individuals still live without access to electricity, with a staggering 4 in 5 residing in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Understanding the nexus between clean energy, socio-economic growth, and environmental preservation is pivotal in addressing the plight of vulnerable communities globally.

The absence of reliable power in these regions impedes crucial facets like education, healthcare, and economic prospects. Regrettably, many of these areas heavily rely on polluting fossil fuels, perpetuating cycles of poverty. If current trajectories persist, an alarming one in four individuals will continue using unsafe and inefficient cooking methods like burning wood or dung by 2030.

While strides have been made, the world’s progress toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) by 2030 remains insufficient. The upcoming General Assembly’s Global Stocktaking on SDG7 in April 2024 seeks to evaluate advancements and propose solutions in ensuring affordable, sustainable, and modern energy access for all.

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