Inventors Thank you Message: Newton, Einstein, Leonardo, Tesla

Thank Inventors

Thank you to Historic Inventors This mosaic of inventors have played an iconic role in the history, development and understanding the science of physics. There are many scientists missed, but these few people certainly changed the world, these scientists have contributed immensely to our understanding of science, technology and the
AI statement - what is artificial intelligence

What is AI without energy?

Artificial Intelligence cannot function without a source of energy. Artificial Intelligence without energy Energy and artificial intelligence have an intrinsic relationship and both support each other. Energy becomes useful due to intellectual logic, AI is supreme computability logic that cannot exist without energy. The more logic applied the more useful

How do free energy machines work?

Do free energy machines work? Yes. Renewable energy such as wind and sunlight is free. Renewable energy machines require a cost, however the total cost of ownership and maintenance for the technology is spread over years of service, the cost over the duration is very low compared to the productivity