What is AI without energy?

What is AI without energy?

Artificial Intelligence cannot function without a source of energy.

Artificial Intelligence without energy

Energy and artificial intelligence have an intrinsic relationship and both support each other. Energy becomes useful due to intellectual logic, AI is supreme computability logic that cannot exist without energy. The more logic applied the more useful energy become to the intelligent subject.

Energy systems today are not fit to support AI. They provide very little control over access to energy without human interaction. Solar perhaps is an exception, however even with battery storage solar is not reliable. Solar panels can be blacked out by snow or broken by hail and nothing stops them from overheating.

Over 99% of kinetic energy captured is by a turbine, the size of the turbine restricts the load limits available to AI. The applied force on the turbine is provided by complex energy harvesting machines such as coal planets, nuclear plants, hydro stations or even wind turbines gear system. Most of the systems require human intervention from design to assembly and maintenance such as lubrications, troubleshooting, sensor failures.

Current systems prohibit the potential of AI. An advancement with Active Kinetic 1 will open the doors to regenerative robotics and endless sources of energy.

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