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Alien User Reactions

Have a look and see the reactions.

Demonstrations of our energy device are met with reluctance and disbelief in its capabilities.

As we introduce and expose more people to the technology it is clear to see peoples alienated expressions as most struggle with the concept of its kinetic abilities.

The demonstration simply shows an apple strike a box containing the device, two LED lights turn in up for over 20 second due to the energy, yet nothing much seem to happened to cause the energy?

alternative to oil


Thanks to all attendees to the online event

IF NOT OIL? (8th October 2022)

The event aimed to investigate the issues relating to the Fossil Fuel Industry to provide early explorers an insight into the issues faced and some insight and predictions of future energies.

The event shared valuable, informative research and information regarding various energy technologies and a comparison showing what Active Kinetic 1 can offer was covered in the discussion.

……..Next event 15th October

The discussion will cover Nuclear Fusion and why has it become the logical choice for most scientists. Active Kinetic 1 technology can help to conserve and harvest this energy potential to deliver a better solution for Nuclear Fusion.

Also we will expose the current energy investments such as Nuclear, Solar Wind, Hydro and thermal energy.

Attendance, feedback and discussions help to shape decisions and ultimately they help to advance this technology to improve the world.

The energy obsession has only just started, but has developed momentum since the 1980’s when a major oil company identified that by 2060 CO2 levels would likely increase the world average temperature by 2%.