Robot Regenerate Energy

Robot Regenerate Energy

As robots advance so must the energy supply and Active Kinetic 1 has new options.

Robots are being adopted for use in everyday scenarios, not just industry. Some robotics are becoming critical to life and powering them is key.

Active Kinetic 1 power robotics

Batteryless tech offer many new options, while energy conservation and regenerative energy technology enables longer up-time in robotic.

The use of robotics has grown exponentially in the last decade.

People are finding new innovative uses for robotics and personal robotics is now the main driving force in demand.

Personal robotics often need to be mobile. If a robot transports itself it uses valuable energy, so a human often carries the robot such as a drone. Either way the best format to power these devices will be by battery.

Dishwashers and washing machines were the first domestic automation robots. More recently robotic vacuum cleaners, toys and a robotic dog.

Stationary robots can use a tethered fixed power line, but there is an increasing number of mobile robotics.

Regenerate Power

Improving the availability time of battery life is critical in robotics.

Most recently regenerative braking has been a major accomplishment in EV cars.

Regenerative braking could become an industry game changer as our recent research shows that Active Kinetic 1 mechanism could help to restore energy and regenerate battery power to extend the battery life substantially.

Robotics get free energy

Zero energy devices use solar and kinetic energy as a source of ever lasting energy.

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