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UK Atomic Energy Authority Sky News

UK Atomic Energy Authority

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Elementary conversations reveals the usefulness of Active Kinetic 1 in Atomic Fusion.

Further confirming suspicions that this technology could provide another effective method for Atomic energy absorption, utilisation and to improvements in efficiency.

Currently Fusion has been achieved using the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) and recently AI has been tested to improve the outcome.

New methods are needed to address further aspects of the project to achieve higher efficiency. Active Kinetic 1 technology will investigate a vital step in developing fusion tech, but could also be used in Robotics where energy consumption is a critical issue to improve.

In the above picture, The UK Atomic Energy Authority team along with Founder of Active Kinetic 1 (left) and the Boston Dynamics Robotic Dog a tool used by the team.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority team made various valuable suggestions regarding the abilities of Active Kinetic 1 to regenerate energy in robotics which requires further investigation.

Sky News Big Ideas Live

Electricity and energy in Space – Sky News

Energy in Space ?

How are we going to power a human settlement on another planet?

What energy supply is available for interplanetary settlement or in outer-space?

No fossil fuels on moon or mars?

Active Kinetic 1, Unfair advantage question.

Currently Solar is the best suggested option, however Solar panels can be fragile, break and solar blackout requires energy storage systems. How can we currently power thousands of people in space?

Active Kinetic 1 suggest a motion energy solution.

Sky News Big Ideas Live

Sky News Big Ideas focuses is on the future of technology.

Excellent and Live news event hosting state-of-the -art AI, cutting-edge VR & advanced robotic such as Boston Dynamics robot dog.

Many thanks to the Sky team for accepting my question and especially thank you to Lord Martin Rees for the speedy reply.

Energy in Space?