Secret of How to Make Electric boson generator experiment

Secret of How to Make Electric boson generator experiment

New Secret technology. Innovative prototype electric generator. WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Sharing real footage. Emerging motion powered electric device. More information visit Extremely efficient technology. Demonstrating an experiment powered by rolling an apple into a box containing the charging device filmed on an iPhone. The movement from an apple hitting a box results in 2 LEDs lighting up for over 20 sec, permanently on. This new technology bridges across Ampere, Newton, Faraday, Tesla and Einstein theory of physics and uses Newton’s classic apple to measure force from boson motion! This technology is the dawn of a new age for electricity production showing huge amounts of potential under basic test conditions. Potential to improve renewable and sustainable electric energy: – Cost effective – Efficient – Scalable, – Distributive – Non-depletable, – Easily distributed assets. – Independent power Assembled correctly this technology has the potential to produce billions of watts of power. USP: Interplanetary power applications, Oceanic research, Military applications, cO2 free renewable electricity, Many more. Potentially 3’000’000’000’000 watts per day.

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