Secret of How to Make Electric boson generator experiment

Secret of How to Make Electric boson generator experiment

New Secret technology. Innovative prototype electric generator. WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Sharing real footage. Emerging motion powered electric device. More information visit Extremely efficient technology. Demonstrating an experiment powered by rolling an apple into a box containing the charging device filmed on an iPhone. The movement from an apple hitting a box results in 2 LEDs lighting up for over 20 sec, permanently on. This new technology bridges across Ampere, Newton, Faraday, Tesla and Einstein theory of physics and uses Newton’s classic apple to measure force from boson motion! This technology is the dawn of a new age for electricity production showing huge amounts of potential under basic test conditions. Potential to improve renewable and sustainable electric energy: – Cost effective – Efficient – Scalable, – Distributive – Non-depletable, – Easily distributed assets. – Independent power Assembled correctly this technology has the potential to produce billions of watts of power. USP: Interplanetary power applications, Oceanic research, Military applications, cO2 free renewable electricity, Many more. Potentially 3’000’000’000’000 watts per day.

What is a Photon?

A photon is a quantum of frequency of radiation with an electron spin of 1.

Why is a Photon a Boson?

On interacting with an electron, a Boson produces an integer. (An integer is not a fraction, it is a whole number, hence the photon is a boson)

Is a Boson Magnetic?

No, a boson magnetic dipole moment is an intrinsic property of a boson particle that gives it the ability to interact with a magnetic field. The magnetic dipole moment is related to the spin of the particle, which can arise from its intrinsic angular momentum or from its motion

Is a photon is the quantum form of all electromagnetic radiation.

The frequency of the photon radiation determines the force given to an Electron to oscillate. The electrons oscillations synchronously deliver an equivalent magnetic force.

Is Proton a boson?

A proton particle alone cannot be a boson. A proton consists of three quarks, hence it is fermion.

What determines a Boson?

An atom with an even number of electrons, protons & neutrons is a boson. The 4He atom comprises of 2 protons, 2 neutrons and 2 electrons, hence it is a boson. In He4 the neutron and proton have opposing spin alignment forming an equilibrium or the total spin is 0 (an integer or whole number is a Boson).

What force is a photon?

A photon is the carrier of the electromagnetic force and is. This includes, light, radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays and more. The most common to humans is visible light, which we detect with the retinas in our eyes.

someone moving relative to a charge sees a magnetic force in addition to the electric force of a stationary charge.

How does a photon interact with electromagnetism.

Electricity and magnetism are both aspects of the same thing (electromagnetism), and are both communicated by photons. To get some sense of how they are the same thing, consider a stationary charge, which produces an electric field but no magnetic field (since it is not moving). Now someone rides by on a train. From his perspective your charge is moving, and he will measure a magnetic field as a result. The equations of electromagnetism make it work out so that even though you and the person on the train think that there are different fields present, you both predict the same motions and forces, so both of your perspectives are equally valid.



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