2025 Preparation

2025 Preparation

Preparing for 2025 Solar Flares

Scientists have discovered a pattern of orbital cycles between the Sun and Earth that threaten the planet electrical items and electrical supplies, with the potential of blackouts lasting years..

On a solar flare cycle mapped to occur about 2025, solar flares might be in alignment with Earth that could wipe out electricity and electronics for years.

We are already familiar with solar flares as these produce the Aurora in the northern lights skies pictured frequently.

Unfortunately the large solar events are predicted by 2025 each one has the equivalent to cause power a blackout but on a much larger scale and for much longer and duration.

This single event would make the energy crisis meaningless as everybody would be struggling to repair faulty systems for years. We don’t have the expertise available at short notice.

This is another good reason to invest in electric redundancy, energy storage, new methods to protect the infrastructure and new systems that can overcome such issues.

Most power technology could not withstand an EMP blast or continue to operate in a normal manner afterwards.

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