Energy Demands and Spikes Underestimated

Energy Demands and Spikes Underestimated

Further to an energy usage study undertaken by Active Kinetic 1, evidence suggests that energy demands might be grossly miscalculated in previously predicted reports. The future predictions seem to underestimate growth caused by climate change.

A rapidly growing user population, an increased demand for high consumption devices such as

  • air-conditioning; due to climate warming new regions
  • communication data storage; new populations access phone & internet technology.
  • the EV boom; Net charging networks and increased power for larger transportations.

All these contributing factors are growing beyond what can be rationally calculated.

Due to the climate air-conditioning systems have spiked in recent years and newly affect regions of the globe are rolling out more air-conditioning.

Communication, data storage is seeing many new innovations in fintech, IoT and web3. They are all adding new weight to the consumption of power usage from devices in this sector. Although many are low power and good conservation of energy, the amount of new devices produces volumes of extra energy required for each device regardless of the usage frequency.

Electric Vehicles and charging stations will be hard to quantify, as the rollout for this technology is growing exponentially day and night everyday worldwide. Cars, Vans, Trucks, e-motorbikes and even human drones are joining the world of EV.

Future events such as a public holidays could spark sudden spikes in demand for power that would destroy current energy supply records.

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