Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion

Most scientists agree that Nuclear Fusion can provide huge amounts of energy by fusing atoms.


There are many methods to create fusion and R&D has cost billions of pounds. We can now create fusion very efficiently and at an affordable cost for example First Light Fusion, however the technology to harness this energy remains questionable.

For fusion to occur we need temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius and intense pressure to make deuterium and tritium fuse.

Tritium is important for fusion technology unfortunately it is extremely difficult to find and expensive to make. Nuclear fission produces only small amounts of tritium.

How we handle fusion energy is the key to a successful coefficient process to gain electricity.

More Electricity: Active Kinetic 1

Using Active Kinetic 1 technology will help conserve the energy provided and in turn would generate more electricity, otherwise the energy is lost to thermal absorption.

Fusion is still in its elementary development, but merging technology can provide the solution sooner than previously predicted.

With the assistance of emerging technologies this new energy source of power could relieve the pressures currently faced by our economy caused by the energy shortages.

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