Gravitational Potential Energy

An object with mass is measured mainly by the Gravitational Potential energy equation.

Formula: MGH = MxGxH

This type of Potential energy is due to the position of mass and its configuration relative to other objects with a potential to do work i.e provide motion energy.

Potential energy Movement

Displacement of Potential Energy enables harvesting of kinetic energy to produce electricity

When an object with mass is moved to a different position or configuration, the potential energy changes.

Is all Potential Energy the same?

No, for example the potential energy formula for nuclear does not include gravity.

Kinetic Energy Triangle

The G represents the given force being Gravity and H is a measurement of availability represented as Height.

Is the formula for Potential Energy ever different?

Yes, For example the potential energy formula for nuclear does not include gravity.

Using Potential energy.

Potential energy is used to represent the capacity for a certain object or system to perform work. Potential force is important in the mechanics of extracting electricity from motion energy, and is a cornerstone of physics behind any motion energy system.

Motion technology unlocks the ability to easily and reliably access this energy wherever in the universe we find movement.

More research:

1. Storage of electricity: Potential energy can be used to store electricity in devices such as capacitors and electrochemical cells.

2. Driving vehicles: The potential energy of a vehicle’s fuel is converted into kinetic energy when the vehicle moves.

3. Nuclear power plants: Nuclear power plants use the potential energy of nuclear fission reactions to generate electricity.

4. Heating systems: Potential energy in the form of solar energy can be captured and stored in batteries or as thermal energy in heated water systems.

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