Motion Formulas

The formula for motion energy depends on the type of energy being considered.

To calculate the motion energy an objects velocity, mass of the object (measured in grams) and potential energy must be recorded.

Motion energy is similar to kinetic energy, as it is a subset of mechanical energy.

ME = K.E. + P.E.

It’s worth noting that these formulas are general approximations and may not hold in all cases. For example, in situations where the motion is not linear or the forces are non-conservative, the formulas may not be accurate. In some cases, it may be necessary to use more complex equations or numerical methods to calculate the motion energy.

Me = K.E. + P.E. x

Me = K.E. + P.E. + x.E

For example:

E_total = E_kinetic + E_potential + E_vibrational

Displacement of an object with mass changes its Potential force and enables harvesting of kinetic energy to produce electricity

When an object with mass is moved to a different position or configuration, the net force calculations are altered.

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