Clean energy

What is clean energy?

Energy sourced from natural renewable events in the environment such;

  • as heat from the Sun,
  • Condensation turning to clouds and rain Water and
  • air pressure changes experienced as Wind.

Renewables can also be any source of usable energy that has no negative impact on animals, environment or climate.

Although renewables don’t emit CO2 often the manufacturing process contributes significantly to the CO2 carbon footprint. Active Kinetic 1 technology only uses materials from recycled sources creating extremely low CO2e in the life cycle and is far outweighed by its benefits.

Active Kinetic 1 Energy sources?

Kinetic motion energy utilises more available resources that are available from recycled content, easy to energy sources than conventional energy harvesting technology.

Load Following

Load following is a type of power system operation in which the electric power output of the system is constantly adjusted according to the change in the demand for electric power.

This new technology assisted by AI will solve load following risks by gathering distributed power faster.

The current method of operating an electric power system is used to ensure that the power system’s total generation matches the total demand from its customers. The goal is to keep the power system in balance and at the same time manage it in a cost-effective manner. Load following also requires that the power system have the flexibility to respond quickly.

Note, Solar is no good for load following.