Vehicle Wind Energy

Can Vehicle Wind generate electricity?

Yes. the wind from passing vehicles provides kinetic energy useful in generating electricity.

How does vehicle wind generate electricity?

By using wind energy to power a generator using motion energy technology in the new prototype called Terrific.

Each moving vehicle creates its own wind. Harvesting the kinetic force of the wind created enables energy conservation to generate electricity.

How much energy ?

Each car could generate over 1 kWh per motorway mile.

A 35 mile motorway journey could power your home all day.

RAC, UK “Motorways continued to have the highest average traffic flow in 2021 with 71.1 thousand vehicles for each mile of motorway per day.”

Wasted energy ?

Currently and without this technology, we are wasting Gigawatts of energy and contributing to carbon emissions.

How can we use this technology?

Installing this technology as roadside fencing. It is an easy technology to assemble and maintain.

How is it free?

The technology recoups electricity valued above manufacture cost.