Energy Security is 100% Uptime

What is Uptime?

Uptime is when a service is functioning;

The Active Kinetic 1 mechanism provides an extremely durable induction technology enabling.

What is 100% Uptime?

When a service is functioning flawlessly without interruption and without downtime. Most energy technologies have many single points of failure;

Active Kinetic 1 energy systems operate as an array, which provides redundancy and avoids a single point of failure.

Active Kinetic 1 technologies provide 100% uptime, how?

The technology can provide 100% uptime, even during a severe fault, the energy can be drawn from unaffected sections of the array.

Solar technology is a good example where a section of the cell technology can fail but the rest of the solar panel will continue to operate.

Active Kinetic 1 technology works with this type of sector coupling as a group, hence if a section of the group fails the rest will continue to operate or change task completely. The key advance is that you can repair or replace the damaged items without loosing an entire section, which is impossible with a solar panel.