Active Kinetic 1 Sustainability Study:

Motion generating electrical systems have the potential for energy on a vast scale and are better suited for a variety of tasks.  Implementing motion generated power solutions, reduce energy costs, increase power cost-effectively, reduce waste products, improve energy reliability, reduce Co2.

Additionally it will increase the provision for human jobs, skills and innovation.


Science supports the theory that motion has massive potential and could easily power the world. Rotary motors currently produce about 98% of all electricity worldwide.

Professor Wang from China, discovered motion technologies for energy production. In 2016 he developed cutting-edge Triboelectric Generators. Currently the system are costly and most systems produce less power per joule of energy than Active Kinetic 1 prototypes.

Nevertheless the technology provides a very similar scientific argument and offer a great case study.

Motion generators are relatively new concepts with only a few emerging technologies. None have discovered a credible methods to extract energy from various forms of motion.

Active Kinetic 1 offers a variety of applications immediately and simplistically integrated into the real world.

Sustainable Technology